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Program Statement

Young Minds Montessori Preschool offers quality educational programs, complimented with French Language studies, music, exercise & fitness programs. Young Minds provides a caring, loving and supportive environment based on each child’s unique individual needs. Children are able to explore their surroundings freely, and become fully engaged within their classroom environment. Once children are fully engaged within their surroundings they are able to learn necessary life skills such as problem solving, this encourages self-learning and self-motivation.

Young Minds Montessori welcomes all children into our program of fun and learning. We thrive on providing developmentally appropriate learning experiences for all children ages 18 months – 6 years of age; we are a fully inclusive school, as all children have the right to a wonderful and happy school experience.

Children who attend Young Minds are provided with a nutritionally balanced lunch and 2 snacks daily prepared on site by our school chef. We believe the combination of education along with fitness and nutrition give each child a head start in becoming a well rounded, successful & healthy individual.

Young Minds Montessori believes that the most vital years of leaning and developing a love of learning occurs within the first six years of life, this is why we at Young Minds Montessori offer a wide variety of learning patterns and methods, realizing that learning happens differently for each individual child. It is our intention to educate and guide every child in whichever learning pattern works for them. Young Minds Montessori knows that each child is bright, eager and capable of greatness and excited to explore all areas of their world, it is our intention to open the doors to all aspects of the world around them and share it with every child as there is no better learning then learning through doing, seeing, hearing and exploring.

At Young Minds Montessori every child begins their academics by building on their foundations, the stronger the foundation, the sturdier the building will be. The impact of early education will be felt throughout the child’s entire life, and nothing can have a better more effective impact then a positive and encouraging first 6 years of learning. We feel that a strong academic foundation is the foundation for a successful life, as the education a child receives at an early age is one of the most important factors to determining the child’s future.

Our Major Objectives


Provide well-balanced, open-ended learning experiences that will build on each child’s learning foundation

Little kids drawing pictures with crayons on yellow paper

Guide our students in their development toward reaching their full potential.

two little children playing together in creativity

Expose students to quality academics, music, science, language and extracurricular activities, in order to create a well-rounded and confident individual.

Young girl exploring nature in the meadow with a magnifying glass

Encourage children to explore their environment, be creative, solve problems, and discover and build on their natural strengths.

Children eating lunch in kindergarten

Offer healthy and nutritious meals and proper food education, so students understand what is put into their bodies is just as important as what is put into their minds.


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