Miss Britta


Montessori Directress Casa 1



I studied at the Brookfield Academy in Rochester Hills, Michigan under the tutelage of Dr. Weinberg, interned in Detroit, Michigan and completed my Montessori Certificate in 1992 at the Academy receiving the AMS designation.  I am also a member of the Michigan Montessori Association, the AMS, as well as CAMT.  In 1995, I completed an administration Course from the Childcare Coordinating Council of Detroit.  I began my career as a Montessori Directress with Young Minds in 2001.  I have attended AMS conferences in Toronto and numerous seminars including the 2007 Centenary Exhibit and the 2008 presentation by Michael Gurian, "Boys and Girls learn differently".


I am looking forward to another year at Young Minds Montessori and meeting the children and parents of the class.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask me at any time.  I am more than happy to help. 


           Miss Meghan

                  Montessori Assistant Teacher

             Casa 1


I am currently enrolled in the Casa Teacher training program at the Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute and will graduate this June. I am very lucky to be able to receive formal training at the Institute while doing what I love, teaching children at Young Minds Montessori. I began working at Young Minds in June 2016 as part of their summer camp. I previously worked at a Preschool in Oakville with children from four months to six years old. When I was twelve years old I opened my own daycare and then summer camp, out of my home. It grew over the four years and allowed me to hire an assistant and provide a fun camp for as many as ten of the children in my neighbourhood. This isn't my first time at Young Minds. I actually attended the school when I was two years old! That's right; I was one of the original children to attend Young Minds!